Tracking TOGGLE insights

There are 2 ways to inform the system about assets you are interested/invested in. You can go into “User” and under Watchlist, use the Search bar to add to your selection at will. You can also connect your portfolio to the platform and TOGGLE will automatically add all your holdings to MY TOGGLE.

Method 1:

On login, click on the User pane to configure your watchlist.

Toggle AI uses this information to carefully select investment insights specifically tailored to your interests.

You'll be taken to a page where you can add and delete assets you'd like to follow (e.g. SPX, Alibaba, etc). You can add an unlimited number of assets to your watchlist and change the list at any time, with a paid account.

Your watchlist will help TOGGLE know what assets to watch on your behalf. You can see a list of all the insights related to your watchlist on the Explore tab: just click on the My Watchlist filter. These insights are ordered according to the time they were generated: the most recent articles come first.

You can also go to the My TOGGLE page which lists all your holdings in alphabetical order. Assets with insights released today will be at the top of our screen. This will give you a holistic view of what could potentially be driving the price of assets in your watchlist/portfolio. You can also add assets to your watchlist through MY TOGGLE. notifications for all assets in your watchlist. On the left-hand side you will see the recent notifications that TOGGLE has generated for assets in your watchlist. You can filter this list by clicking on the asset. In addition, on top there are convenient filters for you to narrow down further by bullish, bearish, or unread insights.

You will also receive email alerts for names on your watchlist, as well as push notifications if you have the app installed.

Method 2:

You can also connect your portfolio(s): that way, TOGGLE will automatically adjust the assets it’s watching for you as your holdings change. By doing so, TOGGLE will give you timely alerts on your holdings, making sure you never miss any insights.

You can connect via Settings. TOGGLE connects with all major brokers in the US & Canada.

After navigating to the User page, you'll first be asked to select your default currency. This allows TOGGLE to map securities from all over the globe back into your preferred value.


Afterwards you'll be able to choose your provider(s) and connect one or multiple portfolios. The Interactive Brokers option will open a new window where you can log into your account. Selecting Other Platforms will open a prompt from Plaid, allowing you to connect to all major brokerages.