After a year apart, those of us who were able to travel finally gathered in our brand new London office, located in the heart of Soho.

Being globally distributed, TOGGLE employees came from Japan, the US, Portugal, France, Poland, and beyond, to finally work face-to-face, and pitch our wildest Shark Tank ideas (more on that later).

TOGGLE has changed a lot in the past 12 months. To name a few, we've:

  • Released brand new features like AI News Insights (which uses our proprietary AI technology to analyze market news)

  • Teamed up with major brokerages for easy connectivity

  • Revamped the user experience with the release of MyTOGGLE

That’s all thanks to our global team of developers, data scientists, designers, customer success managers, and more, led by our founding team of Armenak Mayalian, Jan Szilagyi, and Giuseppe Sette.

Like any event worth attending, this one also had some hiccups. Just as we were settling into the London groove early in the week, the office suddenly went dark. Despite the power outage, we were able to soldier on and hash out what the future of TOGGLE will look like as we continue to grow and evolve.

We’ve added two new projects to our horizon, both meant to foster community and enrich your experience on TOGGLE – look out for them in 2022!

And between numerous meetings, we made sure to celebrate a birthday and get some mini-golf in for a healthy dose of competition (and, ahem, daiquiris).

If you, too like fintech, investing, and most importantly, mini-golf, TOGGLE is continuing to grow our globally-distributed team. We’re always looking for developers, engineers, product designers, mobile wizards, and more. We have offices in Tokyo, London, and New York.

Visit toggle.global/careers to see open positions, or give us a shout and share your resume with us at info@toggle.ai. (You could join us in time for the next TOGGLEPALOOZA!)