TOGGLE Insights: Apple - Oct 7, 2021

Updated: Oct 20

With the hype of the new iPhone 13, Macbook Pros, Airpods, and Nosepods (just kidding), Apple is a stock that many investors have had their eyes on and a lot of people are asking the questions like, "Should I buy Apple stock?" or “Will Apple stock go any higher?”

Let's see what TOGGLE's AI can uncover.


Recently, on October 7, TOGGLE published an insight about $AAPL, showing that Equity Yields for Apple reached a recent low. TOGGLE's AI looked at the history of Apple's stock and identified that this may to a median increase of 12% over the following 3M, as shown in the chart below. This insight got 6 stars on our 8-star rating system (more on that later).


TOGGLE uses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data and turn it into easy-to-read insights that you can use to help your decision-making. For this particular insight, TOGGLE's AI analyzed 15 similar occasions in the past to help identify this insight's median projection and confidence band.

The dotted line you see is the expected path, which is based on similar instances in the past. The shaded area represents a confidence band, and Apple's price typically stays within those boundaries if the stock performs like it did in the past. The flat, solid green line indicates where TOGGLE expects the asset to reach. Last but not least, the flat red line is a possible stop-loss level, the point at which $AAPL has deviated too far from the expected path and you should reevaluate your position.


Well, that's up for you to decide. TOGGLE uses an 8-star rating system, which evaluates the same stats that institutional investors like to look at when managing money professionally. We ask questions that determine if these conditions have happened before, how accurate they've been, and how frequent they've occurred, and more. This insight received a 6 out of 8 on our star rating system (as seen below), and you'll only ever see insights that have a minimum of a 5-star rating on TOGGLE.

While crunching the numbers, TOGGLE also studied fundamental drivers and detected a consistent relationship between drivers and the subsequent asset movement. The chart below highlights the times in the past when the drivers (specifically volatility and valuation) were at a similar level as right now. For this insight, TOGGLE’s AI identified 15 different times, or “episodes,” when a similar set-up has happened in the past. Of those episodes, TOGGLE found that 84% of those resulted in an upward move over a 3M horizon, which helped form this insight.


Ultimately, what sets TOGGLE apart is that when it comes to investing, we won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll be here to give you the fullest picture to help you trade with confidence. We recommend reading the full insight here, to get the complete picture, and better guide your decision-making.

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