The most frequent action you take as an investor

There are three universal actions that unite investors of all stripes and colors:

  • Searching for a new idea

  • Checking in on an interesting security

  • And trading, of course

Today we’ll look at the most common of the three.

You’ve taken this action countless times. Hedge fund managers do it every hour and day traders do it even more often.

You whip out your smartphone – or go “GIP” on your Bloomberg terminal – and load your favorite security. You check the intraday price performance, glance at the news, then go back to staring at the intraday price and begin to think about whether you should trade.

Checking in on our favorite security is the most common action we all do when investing. At TOGGLE, we decided to make it better.

Prices always take first place when we check on a security - and if price moved, then we ask ourselves “why is the market moving?” But that’s like driving in the rear-view mirror.

Why look only at prices, when other data points might tell us more about what’s coming next? In TOGGLE’s Asset Overview you can discover what matters:

Let’s start from the beginning - get the best chart tool you’ve ever experienced

Pan, zoom, analyze...we grew up on milk and Bloomberg and we’ve made Bloomberg on steroids.

Discover when data does something interesting and how that impacts the stock market today

Get immediate highlights when any kind of data becomes relevant - maybe valuations reached a rock-bottom level, or maybe analysts became too bearish and the stock will rebound.

Discover what’s moving the asset tomorrow

Discover what is most likely to move the asset and stock market tomorrow.

Learn about different investing styles

From valuations to economics, from analyst revisions to positioning, TOGGLE caters to you - no matter your investment style.

Discover all key leading data for the stock

With over 30,000 assets being analyzed every minute, with personalized and relevant insights being delivered to you, access professional data and construct your own dashboards.

Find out how the news will affect your sticks thanks to TOGGLE News Insights

TOGGLE’s AI continuously reads financial news for you and will point you to the most important pieces that you must not miss.

Discover new peer assets with compelling stories

Discover what your fellow investors are trading, and find those with the most interesting stories.

With our Asset Overview widget, checking a stock is a new experience. Gain access to cutting-edge data and move nimbly around the market.

Oh and one more thing...think stock trading.