Daily Brief - Save your own ideas in TOGGLE! (Nov 26, 2021)

The 10 days ahead: TOGGLE Leading Indicator

The TOGGLE Leading Indicator is the aggregated indicator of all TOGGLE insights for stocks in the US market

Last week the TLI promised range-bound markets and that proved correct. Now we’re seeing one of the largest bullish readings for the indicator:

Guide to reading this dashboard

  • Top chart: SPX overimposed over colouring based on the TLI, blue = bullish and red = bearish

  • Bottom-left chart: orange area chart is the 2-week change in price of the S&P 500, dark grey line is the TOGGLE leading indicator, shifted to the right by 2 weeks

  • Bottom-right chart: same as the bottom left but in scatter format, with the current level of the TLI shown as a dashed orange line

Important disclaimer: you can see for yourself that the correlation between the TLI and SPX was far from 1:1, so use at your own discretion. Past performance is not indicative of future returns!

Upcoming at TOGGLE

Every week we’ll be sharing a sneak peek of exciting new feature releases.

“Can I save my Explore filters?”

Can I save my Explore filters?” is by a mile the most common feature request we received in the last year.

Well now you can! Or soon you will be able to. We’re testing the feature and will put it out to you as soon as ready.

So whether your style is US Stock Value Ideas or Strong Crypto Momentum, or FX Pullbacks, you will now be able to keep all your filters in one place!

General Interest - Black Friday edition: If it doesn’t spark joy...

Every week we endeavour to bring you one high quality article post from around the internet, of general interest.

When Marie Kondo published “the life-changing magic of tidying up” in 2011 she probably did not know that the book would end up being translated into 30 languages, selling millions of copies.

The book captured the zeitgeist of the millennial generation, who is allegedly keener on experiences than material possessions (and also lives in smaller houses…).

Fast forward 10 years and Marie Kondo - the Bane of Clutter - decided that books and TV appearances were all well but to really bring her brand to the next level she would have to … sell clutter? Cue an online store where you can buy a lava stone diffuser for $50.

In 2017 the media latched on the idea that Millennials wanted to do away with Black Friday. Five years later it’s interesting to see how Gen X actually is not so disdainful of material possessions.

For one, they’ve become parents and developed different interests - cooking anyone? For another, the lockdowns forced a shift of interest away from “can’t wait for my holiday in Thailand” and closer to “ that charcoal bbq grill looks great”.

Meanwhile, Black Friday has somehow been subsumed by Cyber Monday, with online sales about to take over in-store sales. Which makes it easier to spend without risking injury.

As you make your choices for how to spend it today, we’d point you to a very timely and instructive thread on Reddit:

What is something that you have purchased in the past, but have never used once since then?