The Daily Brief: Analytics For Everyone

25 Mar 2020

Whether you're using Yahoo Finance or a Bloomberg terminal, these last few weeks in markets have likely left you asking "when has this happened before" or "I wonder what will happen next?"


Every night, TOGGLE AI crunches billions of data points to identify where data changes may impact assets and markets, finding historical analogs to contextualize current moves while distilling the analysis into a handful of insights curated for you. 

The Daily Brief is personalized to every investor and is absolutely free.

Until now, TOGGLE has been available only to professional investors at the most elite hedge funds and asset managers. Though there's often thought to be a big gulf between professional and retail investing, a lot of the problems are the same—a lack of tooling to help give insight into market movements and data changes.


We pledged to put hedge-fund grade analytics within reach of every investor and figured what better time than now. With the launch of the Daily Brief, every investor can invest rationally, not rashly in this turbulent market, helped by data-driven insights from TOGGLE AI.

TOGGLE Daily Brief

What is the Daily Brief, exactly?

The Daily Brief is a free email filled to brim with data-driven, actionable insights tailored to the names you care most about. Get a sense of the Brief below.

A report card for your tickers

Asset Report Card in Daily Brief

Get a 360° view of the tickers you care most about. From Valuations to Technical Analysis, understand how data changes may drive asset prices. Know what matters...and what doesn't.

What other Togglers are looking at

Popular insights on TOGGLE

The Daily Brief highlights what's new across popular assets. Get a glimpse of what assets are followed the most by other Togglers.

Interesting asset of the day

Asset of the day in Daily Brief

Wonder what else you might be missing? Every morning, the Daily Brief highlights an interesting asset for you to discover. Check out the report card and examine the possible drivers.

A detailed Bottom-Up look at the S&P 500

A bottom's up perspective on what's happening in the S&P 500

TOGGLE searches through billions of data points searching for interesting data changes. The Daily Brief summarizes TOGGLE's findings across all US Single Name Stocks, providing a 30,000-foot perspective of the entire index.

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