Invest Rationally,

Not Rashly

TOGGLE Copilot is the ultimate investing tool.



Copilot sifts through billions of data points so you don't have to. 

TOGGLE Copilot Portfolio Overview

Easy to connect

Copilot is integrated with major investing platforms in the US, Canada, and the UK. Connect with a single click.

Connecting a portfolio

Your watchlist & portfolio in one simple view

Copilot alerts you to portfolio risks and actionable trades in your watchlist.

Daily Brief

Copilot highlights interesting assets that might fit your portfolio. 

360° view

Copilot monitors valuations, earnings, analyst expectations,  the macro picture, and more.


Copilot Features

Multiple Portfolio Connect

Portfolio Overview & Alerts

Asset Due Diligence

Limited Watchlist

Daily Email Alerts

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Never fly solo...


your Copilot

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