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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TOGGLE?

​TOGGLE helps focus investors' attention on where it matters. It watches the world around you, combing through enormous datasets and delivering highly curated insights.

TOGGLE Pro is used by some of the largest and most prestigious hedge funds, family offices, and asset managers. Interested in becoming a client? Contact us

What do you cover?

​TOGGLE Covers nearly 9,000 assets across all major asset classes, globally.

Analyst expectations & changes, % of analysts that think metrics will grow

Forward & trailing P/E, equity risk premia

CFTC commitments of traders


Surprise indicators, Inflation & Growth measures, PMIs, Confidence levels

Quantitative Political Risk

Technical Analysis
Stochastics, MACD, Entry-points


Where do you get your data?

TOGGLE’s data comes from industry-leading sources. Market data is provided by Refinitiv’s Data Stream platform, analyst estimates and company fundamentals from Refinitiv’s I/B/E/S database, and Geopolitical risk data is provided by The PRS Group.

How does it work?

TOGGLE’s AI scans all major categories of data investors know and love (Fundamentals, Macroeconomics, Valuation, etc) for milestones and interesting movements that could drive asset prices. It connects these drivers to assets via a knowledge graph, identifying where these moves have historically led to divergences that have persisted over long periods of time. This is all distilled down into an “Insight”.